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Ess/, I don't sleep and I kind of suck at the internet. In short I like Harry Styles' nipples, tater tots and terrible pleasures  

Such a nice, nice cock. So lovely.

"You have such a way with words, i want to ask you deep questions just to read your response. Wise beyond your years xx"
written by Anonymous

honestly, i don’t…the thing is, my first language is french, so really i’m kind of translating my thoughts from french to english and at times and it makes sense, but trust me, at times it doesn’t at all. and often i’ll use words i learned online or in movies or whatever (or i just mentally translate a word we use a lot in french/isn’t common in english), which makes it looks like i’m trying to be all fancy, when in reality i have no clue how people talk when they’re together, i just use what i know. i feel like my answer isn’t very clear, i have a hard time explaining my relationship with english, but I REALLY APPRECIATE you saying that…i’m not very confident when it comes to that stuff, so thanks :)

Track title: Uncut BBC Radio1 BW Interview

interviewer: finally, is there anything in this interview that you wanna set straight?

louis: oh what a great question! that is a big thing, that one innit?

niall: that’s great

harry: i feel like this is one were we’ll say no and then we’ll go away and 5 minutes down the road we’ll be like oh!

liam: *talking about how fans on twitter will think mgmt made them say something if they talk*

harry: *attempting to change subject* can we message you about it later?

interviewer: it’s not the same, harry

louis: dig deep, c’mon there must be…


liam: umm…

*dead ass silence*

someone in the background: oooh!

harry: i don’t know, you know?

liam: yeah, it’s hard. there’s things i could say but i’m not going to.

harry: ohhh…

louis: *laughs nervously*

zayn: don’t

louis: *laughs again*

harry: how elusive

liam: i’m gonna put my mic down there

interviewer: what kinda theme is it on?


liam: not telling you


"So you agree that it is tense between harry and zayn"
written by Anonymous

i don’t, actually. i just have a thing for zayn judging/mocking/being an ass to harry:

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"do you ever feel like your love for harry is going to make your heart explode? like, this boy with a beautiful voice and an even more beautiful mind who you don't even know in person??!!! but somehow you love him more than 99.9% of the people you do know in person??! i swear i sometimes don't know what to do with the love i have for him :("
written by Anonymous

mmm…first, i know that i love everyone that i love -directly- more than i love harry. i care immensely about him, he’s important to me, he constantly makes me smile…but i don’t have a real relationship with him, so the love i have for him stays in a part of my heart that doesn’t really reach my soul, i guess. i do love him so much, if something happened to him i’d be devastated, but there’s this link between us missing that makes it impossible for me to make my HEART EXPLODE with anything other than positive feelings. i do love him more than lots of people i know in real life, however. and sometimes i feel like i could do anything if it resulted in him being happy and safe. i remember that week around his birthday this year where he wasn’t around at all, completely mia…i missed him so much hahaha

dunno…it’s hard to describe. what are we supposed to do with ‘love’, anyway? 

Harry Styles || STL 8-27-14
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Harry Styles || STL 8-27-14

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"How do you feel about Louis and Zayn basically promoting drugs?"
written by Anonymous

mmmmm…first of, i don’t think that weed is bad, i’ve never been against it and i’ve smoked it myself, but i guess it was just a bit surprising at first for me to see two dudes from a boyband semi promoting it? or like, not hiding it at all by wearing clothes. we all knew they smoked, it’s been more than a year now, and if it helps them relax then cool for them…anyway many celebs do it, they don’t hide their love for weed and it’s nothing new there…they won’t be the first and they won’t be the last. in the end they’re their own people and if they think it’s cool or whatever, it’s their choice. i’m just a bit surprised to see that who they work for are fine with it, but whatever, got other things to worry about. dunno, it’s not an amazing example for their younger fans, but at one point they can’t just hide who they are just to please people…so hopefully their younger fans will know better than to follow their idols blindly…zayn and louis aren’t their mothers/fathers. happy days~

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